I developed a responsive website for a local roofing company using Bootstrap and the ExpressionEngine CMS. This site's development began with some HTML prototypes, and using ExpressionEngine as the site's CMS made it fairly easy to transition to the full site. Furthermore, I liked the flexibility of content types that ExpressionEngine afforded. In this case, the way that content is structured in the CMS maps pretty directly to the site's information architecture and the way the clients think about their business. 

Weather widget

Of course you could just stick your head outside, but for the truly lazy, this little widget will get your location from your browser and use that information to get the current weather information from your area using the OpenWeatherMap API. The icons that represent the current conditions are from Erik Flowers's Weather Icons

See the Pen Weather widget by N. Cameron Britt (@ncbritt) on CodePen.

Random quotes

This little widget displays a random Confucian quote. If you like it, you can tweet it out using the Tweet Button

See the Pen VaeMLY by N. Cameron Britt (@ncbritt) on CodePen.